Final Pitch EP 0: The Goonies 2

Goonies2ImageCheck out all the fun in this episode Here: EP0- The Goonies Sequel

Title: The Goonies 2

Tag Line: They’ve found another adventure and this time, it’s BIG!

Starring: Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Jonathan Ke Quan, Harry Morgan, Richard Donner as Grandpa Walsh and a special appearance by Joe Piscopo

Plot: Mikey Walsh and his pals, The Goonies are Freshman at Astoria high school, trying to find their way through the world of teenage hormones and social hierarchies. The group attends Sloth’s bar mitvah, being put on by Chunk’s family, who have adopted the misshapen oaf and made him part of the family. As a gift the family sends Sloth off to get plastic surgery and fix his mangled features.

Mikey has been making visits to see his sickly grandfather, who has started telling his grandson stories of his time in the FBI. One particular case was the pursuit of notorious thief and airplane hijacker D.B. Cooper. Grandpa Walsh was the lead investigator and just hours before apprehending the criminal, was told to end the chase by his supervisor. This caused the man great shame for the rest of his life, especially since his supervisor laid the blame on then, Agent Walsh, for the fact that D.B. Cooper and his stolen loot were never found.

Mikey enlists the help of his friends to go on one last Goonie adventure to find D.B. Cooper’s treasure and clear his Grandfather’s name. The group sets out for a cave described in notes and maps kept by Grandpa Walsh during the case, but instead of finding big money, they find Bigfoot! The group befriends the Sasquatch and Chunk ends up on a side adventure with the legendary creature.

Meanwhile Mikey, Data and Mouth find the cave where the stolen money is hidden, but are chased out by booby traps. It is then they meet Grandpa Walsh’s former supervisor, who has come to claim the treasure for himself. Ultimately it is revealed that the supervisor was D.B. Cooper all along, manipulating the case from the inside to make off with his fortune.

After being kidnapped by the criminal, the trio of Goonies are rescued by Bigfoot and Chunk. After a madcap chase through the woods, D.B. Cooper is finally captured and turned into the authorities. The truth about Grandpa Walsh is revealed and the reward money is used to fund the old man’s medical treatments, restoring his health.

At the film’s end. Sloth finally returns from his surgery to reveal his new face, which bears a strong resemblance to comedian Joe Piscopo. The Goonies have a newfound confidence in themselves and are ready for their next adventure, GIRLS.

For a bonus surprise, click here to read Adam’s full 5 page story outline of his pitch for a Goonies sequel.


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