Final Pitch Ep 5: The GalaxyQuest

GQ Ep Art

The GalaxyQuest

Starring: Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shaloub, Nicholas Hoult, Will Arnett and Will Ferrell

The revival series of GalaxyQuest lasted another 5 seasons and the crew of actors has since moved on to other projects:

Jason (Tim Allen) has his own reality series called Spaced Out and Dating where he goes on dates with weird girls who could be aliens. He is growing ever frustrated with being a divorced 60 year old and longs to get back together with Gwen, who he had finally married and then divorced during the run of the show.

Gwen (Sigourney Weaver) opened up a boutique dating service called that caters to divorced women who want to get revenge on their exes by looking great and being seen with handsome men. She has videos on her website showing how she has embarrassed Jason with her strategy, by showing up at filming locations of his show.

Alexander (Alan Rickman) runs a Shakespeare festival where they cast TV actors who want to reclaim their legitimacy. Cameos by washed up actors from the 90’s and early 2000’s like Matt LeBlanc, Jaleel White, Shannon Doherty.  Alexander is frustrated when Patrick Stewart cameos as himself and steals the show during a production of Hamlet, which the crowd goes wild for.

Tommy (Daryl Mitchell) and Fred (Tony Shaloub) opened up an artisan sandwich shop together called Space Subs that is thriving in the Los Angeles area. Laliari (Missi Pyle) works in the shop and comes up with the strange food combinations that makes foodies drool, mostly because she knows nothing about Earth cuisine.

Jason gets brought in by super-fan Brandon (Justin long), who is now a consultant on a new feature film of GalaxyQuest and they want him to be a part of it. Jason convinces the rest of the original crew as well and they are all excited about the prospect of going big budget in Hollywood.

The Hollywood dreams of the original cast are dashed however when they realize that they are being brought back for tiny, sometime virtually imperceptible cameos appease to appease the die-hard audience, while the studio has hired a younger, more vivacious group of actors to play the roles in the reboot.

The new Captain (Will Arnett) and his crew have no respect for the legacy of the show or the former stars, which leads to confrontation between the generations. It is then revealed that the director of the film is in fact an alien named, Yaeh Galathon (Will Ferrell) who is part of a race that resembles a group of villains vanquished on the original GalaxyQuest television series. Galathon set up the movie as a way to capture, discredit and destroy those who he perceives made a threat to his people.

Before they can be vaporized the Thermians transport their heroes onto the real Protector spacecraft, while Galathon kidnaps the Reboot crew in the new, deadlier Protector as they chase the Thermians through the stars. The Reboot crew has no idea they are not in a movie, so they just follow the director’s instructions which leads them to attack Jason and the Thermians, who now also have a more headstrong, younger crew that has less respect for those who inspired their society and have pushed Mathesar out of his leadership role.

In the end the original crew teach the new Thermians about becoming a team and they are able to defeat Galathon with the help of the Reboot crew, who have come to realize the truth about this adventure and turn against the deceitful villain. After the battle the 2 crews reconcile and see there is something to be learned from all generations.

Upon arriving back on Earth, Jason and Gwen apologize to each other and decide to give it one more try. Tommy and Fred return to their food business, branching out to open up “The Walking Bread”, a kiosk as the mall which sells zombie pretzel people.

The studio agrees to make a film starring the original crew passing the torch to the new generation of actors and we see the trailer as credits roll.

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