Final Pitch Ep 8: Indiana Jones and The Lost City of Atlantis


Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Atlantis

Starring Bradley Cooper, Gal Gadot, Miguel Ferrer, Joe Manganiello, Omid Abtahi

It’s 1946 and Indiana Jones (Bradley Cooper) puts a cap on the conflict of World War II by retrieving a precious artifact from a hidden cell of surviving Nazi extremists, before returning to his teaching position for another semester.

During his personal archeological studies one night, Dr. Jones spills a cup of tea on a piece of parchment which reveals partial instructions to finding the lost city of Atlantis.  Indy contacts his friend, Alek Polous (Miguel Ferrer) who is the curator of the National Archeological Museum in Athens and plans a visit to Greece. He also sends word to his good friend Sallah (Omid Abtahi) to meet him there as soon as possible.

Upon arriving in the country Alek introduces Indy to Demetra (Gal Gadot), the daughter of a famous archeologist herself, who is very interested in his findings. Indiana is immediately smitten with her.

Demetra reveals to Indy her father’s theory that Pandora’s Box was more than a mythological urn, but a massive underground vault where the riches of the early Greek royalty were protected by perilous booby traps. The “evils” supposedly released into the world as presented by the myth were actually 3 thieving brothers named Kyros, Lykos and Euripides who managed to survive the traps and make off with Poseidon’s trident and untold riches.

Using Indy’s activating tea solution on documents in the archives of the museum, the location of the cave of Lykos, which contains the first piece of Poseidon’s trident. Alek agrees finance the trek if the artifacts found along the way are donated to the museum.

Heading out to find the first clue, they arrive at the coordinates to find that built above in the cave in the 14th century was the Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron. Situated atop a giant rock pillar, the two hide in supply baskets which are the only way of getting food to the monastery. Once inside they pose as monks and find their way into catacombs where a great treasure room is revealed. They solve a puzzle which awards them the staff of the trident and on a scroll found within is revealed their next stop, the Palace of Knossos. Before they can leave, our heroes are confronted by warrior monks protecting the treasure.

After a brief battle where Demetra shows some amazing fighting prowess that makes Indy swoon, the mouth of giant stone carving of Medusa’s head in the wall of the chamber opens and sucking out the treasure along with Indy and Demetra. The pair survive through swift whip work by Indy, who managed to guide them onto a giant golden shield, which they use to slide down the mountain face while the golden fortune rains down to the valley below.

Arriving at the bottom they are confronted by a man named Giorgios (Joe Manganiello) who claims to have been hired a wealthy collector, who wants the treasure for himself. Before they can get more information, Giorgios and his crew drive off with the gold collected and no answers given as to who the mysterious competition could be. They radio to Alek for pick up and get to know each other better.

On the ride to Knossos Alex explains that the chamber of Kyros which is housed beneath the palace of Knossos is said to be what the labyrinth of the Minotaur was based on according to his research. Indy recounts that is was Poseidon himself that created the Minotaur as a punishment for King Minos and that it should be interesting. Alex drop them off and agrees to meet up with them in a seaplane along the shoreline, saying he would join them if he were still a younger man.

Upon finding their way into a hidden chamber beneath the throne room, Indy and Demetra are confronted again by Giorgios and after a brief struggle take possession of the head of the Trident, when a herd of charging bull that have been trained to guard the treasure stampede. Experiencing their own running of the bulls, the pair eventually end up being bucked from bull to bull, barely avoiding sharp horns until they are buck off a cliff and into the water, where Alex’s seaplane awaits.

That night in Santorini, Indy and Demetra consummate their relationship. The next morning Alex reveals one more thing he never told Indy. It is said that once assembled Poseidon’s trident will reveal the location of the lost city of Atlantis, but Dr. Jones finds this dubious saying nothing they have experienced goes beyond the cleverness of humanity.

At noon day they climb Karavolades Stairs riding mules and find the location of the jewel designated by the ancient texts. It is then that Demetra realizes that there actual jewel, instead when the trident is inserted into a prepared hole activates a mechanism which will cause Santorini to sink, while pulling ancient Atlantis up from the depths. Indy scoffs at the notion and inserts the staff, turning it clockwise, which causes the island to rumble. Indy attempts to move it back counter clockwise to stop the destruction but is stopped by Alek at gunpoint.

Alek reveals that he is part of an Atlantean cult along with Demetra’s father and that this was their ultimate goal, so see Atlantis rise again and rule with the power of the Gods. It turns out the 3 brothers were actually trying to keep the power out of the hands of mortal men to preserve life. There on the high point of the city overlooking the water, Indy as about to get one more surprise. Demetra was in on the whole thing and reveals herself to be the wealthy benefactor of Giorgios, who arrives on the scene. Indy is heartbroken.

There’s one more double cross in store as Alek reveals Poseidon requires a sacrifice along with the return of the assembled trident for the power of the Gods will be bestowed upon him. Demetra is to be that sacrifice. Alek takes Demetra hostage at gunpoint and heads toward the rising city with trident in hand, as Indy has a final showdown with Giorgios. After a one side battle, Indy succeeds in defeating Giorgios with a swift kick from the mule he rode to the top of the steps.

In a final showdown Indy pursues Alek and Demetra in a motor boat heading towards the rising ruins. Alek and Demetra fight over the trident and are ultimately sucked beneath the water when neither refuses to let go of the Trident, which is being pulled beneath the waves by an otherworldly force. With the death of Alek and Demetra, the destruction of Santorini ceases, the sacrifice having been made and the trident returned to the sea.

Indy witnesses The Lost City of Atlantis sink back into the depths, which pushes a golden necklace featuring the seal of Atlantis to the surface. Indy decides to let it sink back into the ocean as credits roll.

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