Jeramy’s X-men: Apocalypse & TMNT: Out of the Shadows Review

This is a double review because I want to talk both of them. Neither of them were Amazing- nay, neither of them were even great. They both had nostalgic moments that brought joy and a sense of satisfaction, Turtles more so than Apocalypse.
To be brief:

X-men: Apocalypse- 6/10

TMNT: Out of the Shadows- 6/10

X-men: Apocalypse:

I honestly come into an X-men film with such low expectations that any sort of positive moments can bolster my stance on it. They’ve done nothing that would cause my expectations to be higher. Deadpool didn’t change that fact because FOX was kind of hands off on that project.

To make this franchise survive, they need to base the next 3 movies in the 90’s and play up the nostalgia. The time jumps will be horrible for the young cast.

– Young Jean & Scott: I enjoyed them. They were able to provide just enough nostalgia of the older versions yet made those characters their own. The Jean/Wolverine moment was sweet in an awkward way.

– Weapon X: Great scene, dialogue was quite forced but totally a teaser sequence for what ‘Wolverine 3’ (or whatever they end up calling it) will be. Oh, and he kills Brian Singer Hahaha

– Nightcrawler: BAMF-ing into your hearts from the moment he steps on the the screen.

– Raven: A little heavy on the Jennifer Lawrence side of things. Less blue, less changing into people. Lots of commanding people. If that’s your cup of tea, it’ll be great for you.

– Flights Suits: a shoe horned moment explaining the black suits used in the earlier timeline of movies.

– Apocalypse: I have personal biases with him, didn’t quite agree with the choice of outfit, but it’s understandable with the backstory they pushed down our throats. The mind battle is an interesting take on his growing powers.

– Prof X: Excellent explanation of WHY he loses his hair. Great moments & you realize he is making different choices this time around based on what he saw when he read Wolverine’s mind in Days of Futures Past, especially in regards to how he approaches Jean’s powers.

Overall, it was a decent movie. They make some in jokes at their own expense, in a meta way, as the kids are walking out of the theater after seeing Return of the Jedi, joking about how the 3rd movie is always the worst of a trilogy (X3 & this one). It will be in my collection, but not one to watch more than a time or two a year.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

The last Turtles movie had its share of issues and tried to take themselves too seriously. Finally, they embraced the wackiness and oddball nature that is the Turtles.

I laughed a lot during this, they played to the base nature of humor and slack stick. The actors playing Beebop and Rocksteady were exactly the dumb goons needed for the parts. Megan Fox was reduced to a supporting role vs the leading lady and she worked great in that role!

Now let’s take a brief moment to mention Oliver Queen..err, I mean Stephen Amell. As a fan of Arrow, it was tough to separate his Casey Jones from his Oliver Queen. His Casey Jones was more over the top jovial is how I would describe the difference. Many are disappointed that he wasn’t more of an unhinged vigilante type like the 90s version or the comics. Maybe it was the direction, maybe it was his own agent wanting him to play something opposite of his Arrow character, but either way I think there’s still room to grow into that vigilante. There wasn’t any resolution with his character in regards to his job as a cop/corrections officer. So maybe he will join the Turtles and go rogue in the next?

Shredder, Shredder, Shredder. Should have realized he was being played. It is a super villain troupe to double cross each other, how did he not see that karma coming. After what he did yo Dr Baxter Stockman? Karma man, karma. Speaking of Baxter Stockman, Tyler Perry played a hilarious knockoff Neil Degrasse Tyson mixed with the Nutty Professor. Excellent work on that.

Not to forget, was Krang voiced by Brad Garrett. Looked like we all would have imagined him and sounded quite menacing. Sort of a short appearance though, but nostalgic.

Nostalgia value on this movie keeps it ahead of X-men: Apocalypse for rewatchability. 

You’ve heard my piece on these two, now go and reach your own conclusions! Am I right? Wrong? Meh? You decide.

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