EP23- War of the Worlds 2: Part 2

Part 2:

Welcome back for part 2 of our action packed War of the Worlds sequel adventure. In part 1 we talked about every interpretation of the H.G. Wells novel, the unsatisfying ending from and ended on a cliffhanger of sequel ideas from our hosts. Click Here to listen back to part  1 now.

So which pitch will win? Justin’s tale of military corruption and moral dilemmas? Jeff’s reboot featuring found footage and viral videos? Or Adam’s Steven Spielberg science fiction mash-up featuring E.T., Jurassic Park alumni and Close Encounters of the Third Kind all in one?

Listen in as we craft a story that will put you in the driver’s seat to save the Earth from alien invaders. It’s all in this rip-roaring, laugh a minute movie podcast discussion you won’t want to miss. So click to listen now.

Part 1:


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