[Repost] Lost EP- Polar Express 2

We missed the holidays with this one last year for one reason or another, so we are proud to repost it this year during the season of joy! Please Enjoy!

PE2 Wed Promo

Hey, we found one more present under the tree! Yep, it’s Christmas in February with this lost episode of SequelQuest. We felt you had waited long enough for this dash of holiday cheer, so we dusted off the snow and got it started.

Everybody knows the classic children’s book, The Polar Express, but what about the 2004 motion capture film adaptation by Robert Zemeckis? If you like Tom Hanks playing multiple CGI characters, each creepier than the last or Aerosmith as Rock n’ Roll Elves at The North Pole, then this was the movie for you.

So what could a sequel to The Polar Express be about? This episode really goes off the rails, so listen now!