EP32 – The Postman Sequel

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In the present, the nation is uncertain about the inauguration of one of the most controversial president in American history. In the future, as presented by 1997’s The Postman starring Kevin Costner, humanity is struggling to survive until one lone patriot (or compulsive liar) arises to establish the Restored United States of America out of post apocalyptic ruins.

So why are Justin, Jeff and Adam talking about creating a sequel to a 20 year old box office bomb? Because if SequelQuest doesn’t do it, who will? We’re doing our service to the country to help its citizens realize that we have it pretty good, as long as we’re not being force fed “Mule Gruel” by former copy machine salesman turned dictators.

So join us as we pull this show out of a dusty old mail bag and tell you imaginary tales of rebuidling a nation with Kevin Costner as our leader. Hopefully we’ll convince you that “stuff’s getting better” and provide a few laughs along the way. Will The Postman 2 thrill, chill or bore you to death? Listen now and find out!

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Music: The Restored United States by James Newton Howard
Music: Do The Relapse by Domo
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Music: You Be The Grudge by Domo
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