EP33- OSCAR’s Special


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We tackle our biggest challenges yet – DRAMATIC OSCAR MOVIES!
Join Adam, Jeff, Jeramy, & Colton as we attempt to raise 4 Academy Award Nominated Movies to the Level of a Sequel of the same caliber!

And the winner is…YOU, the listener of the SequelQuest podcast! It’s awards season, so Jeff, Jeramy, Adam and special guest, Colton are getting into the spirit by creating sequels to the Academy Award nominated films of 2017 (and one that should have been).

So where do you take the cast of Fences after Denzel Washington and Viola Davis have told you a touching tale of family drama? Can you match the intense emotional and spiritual journey of Martin Scorsese’s Oscar snubbed film, Silence? What is the next tale of lost families to be told in universe of heart-warming true story Lion? Can a sequel correct the lackluster ending for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers?

Plus, you’ll hear our Oscar predictions and re-live exciting past moments from the history of the Academy Awards. So put on your red-carpet designer clothes and make us part of your Oscar weekend by listening to the SequelQuest Oscar Special now!

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