EP34 – SequelChat Review of LOGAN

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Wolverine has a been an icon of cinema for 17 years thanks to Hugh Jackman in the role, but with Logan, he’s donning his adamantium claws for the last time. The film also marks another milestone, the first R-rated X-Men film with grittier take on the super hero genre.
Join the SequelChat crew of Adam, Jeramy and Colton as they meet for a spoiler filled discussion to answer the burning questions of the movie going public. Does the tale of an older, road weary Wolverine pack the same punch as his previous outings? How does Patrick Stewart’s Professor X factor in to this future society where mutants are an endangered species? What secrets does one quiet little girl hold and frankly, does the movie live up to the hype?
So listen with us now as SequelChat presents it’s weekend of release review of Logan starring Hugh Jackman and directed by James Mangold. Oh and Deadpool’s there too!
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