EP49 – A Sequel to Jupiter Ascending

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The Wachowskis are filmmakers for whom the hype surrounding their latest project is often more exciting than the final product itself. No film personifies this more than Jupiter Ascending, the 2015 sci-fi/action flop starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. Surely you remember the trailer with Wolf-Dog Men rollerblading on air while Eddie Redmayne whisper shouted his way through a bizarre cinematic performance.

So why would the SequelQuest crew choose to discuss a sequel to a film whose messy plot and over the top acting choices earned it several Razzie nominations in the year if it’s release? Let’s call it hope. Somewhere within the incredibly dense world conceived by the Wachowskis, a decent movie must be lurking like an alien in your bedroom.

Such was the plan when Adam, Jeff and Jeramy invited a tag team of guest hosts to the podcast who claimed to have the solution to making Jupiter Ascending a bankable franchise. We know you’ll enjoy meeting Emily and Christin, as much as we enjoyed laughing along with them. So listen in on the fun below and let your Oedipal complex shine proudly as we bring a Jupiter Ascending sequel to your ear-holes!

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