Bonus Episode – Star Trek Figures

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SequelQuest is releasing its 50th episode this week and as part of the celebration, we’re bringing you a bonus episode to get you primed for our Star Trek sequel discussion on the main show.

Star Trek The Next Generation was a pop culture phenomenon that spawned an extensive line of action figures from Playmates, the same people who made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys. That’s why Adam thought it would be fun to invite action figure enthusiast, Darin from and The Kenner Chronicles podcast to talk Trek in the toy aisles.

Join Adam and Darin as they discuss the best and worst of the Star Trek The Next Generation line from Playmates, imagine toys that should have been and share their own collecting history from the 90’s.

For more action figure collecting fun, be sure to listen to The Kenner Chronicles podcast on iTunes, the YouTube page.

“Star Trek Sound Effects (From the Original TV Soundtrack)” (Purchase on iTunes)
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