EP50 – Star Trek Franchise Sequel

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It’s official, SequelQuest has boldly gone where no podcast has gone before for 50 episodes! So what movie and TV franchise that recently celebrated its own 50th anniversary was deemed epic enough for our milestone? The one and only, Star Trek!

Gene Roddenberry’s original vision has spawned half a century of TV, movies, books and merchandise, so the real quest for Adam, Jeramy and super fan, Jeff is trying to blaze a new path through the cinematic stars to find an original adventure we haven’t seen. At least not in this timeline.

Listen along as we discuss our opinions of the original Star Trek crew with Kirk & Spock, Star Trek The Next Generation with Picard and Riker, all the way through the J.J. Abrams reboot trilogy, then pitch our ideas for putting the “Ambrams-Verse” back on the right track.

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“Star Trek Sound Effects (From the Original TV Soundtrack)” (Purchase on iTunes)

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