EP51 – The Mighty Ducks Franchise Sequel

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The Mighty Ducks franchise of films were a 90’s sensation that took the rag tag team of pee-wee hockey players from center ice to center stage in movie goers minds. Coached by Emilio Estevez and captained by Joshua Jackson, The Mighty Ducks trilogy gave us laughs and heartfelt moments for most of the decade, but then faded into the Disney ether.

Jeff, Adam and Jeramy weren’t sure if they had what it takes to help the Mighty Ducks lace up the skates one more time and “Quack” their way to victory. That’s why they invited real pee-wee hockey coach and SequelQuest fan, Eric to join them on this episode to get them into shape.

So listen now as this squad of podcasters discuss their favorite characters from the films, growing up in the home of the real Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, our picks for the best sports films of all time as well as what Charlie Conway and Gordon Bombay would be up to today.

This is one of our most hilarious episodes, so get ready to fly across the audio ice taking a triple deke into a knuckle puck of podcast fun now!

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