EP57 – Monster Squad Sequel

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EP57- 30 years ago a group of monster loving kids teamed up to kick evil in the nards and save the world from the unholy alliance of Dracula, Gill-Man, Mummy and The Wolfman. Unfortunately few people saw this wacky 80’s adventure upon it’s release, but the cult of The Monster Squad has grown in the last decade, making it a staple of Midnight Screenings and Halloween playlists.

To create a truly monstrous sequel Adam and Jeramy recruited Monster Squad super fan, Shawn Robare from the Cult Film Club podcast and brandedinthe80s.com who came equipped with endless trivia about the film and the current 30th anniversary celebration. The crew then discuss some fantastic ideas for continuing the heroic exploits of Sean, Rudy, Horace, Eugene, Patrick and Phoebe for modern moviegoers.

So add our podcast discussion of this forgotten horror comedy to your Halloween celebration and tell your friends that scary German guy sent ya.


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