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EP64 | A Third Burton Batman Movie


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EP64  |  Tim Burton redefined Batman for a generation with his 1989 summer blockbuster adventure starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. 3 years later Keaton and Burton were back with the bizarre Batman Returns, a dark fairy tale that was controversial for its time, leading to the imaginative filmmaker abandoning plans for a Batman 3.

In Burton’s absence, Joel Schumacher gave us Batman Forever in 1995 and the less said about Batman & Robin the better. But what if Burton had been able to complete his trilogy? It’s a question many have wondered about and now SequelQuest is ready to provide some answers by travelling to an alternate Summer 1995 where Tim Burton’s Batman 3 took theaters by storm.

Join Adam, Jeff, Jeramy and returning guest host, Michael Cannetti as they present exciting ideas for the continuing adventures of the caped crusader on the big screen.

Imagine Batman finally facing Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face, the return of Christopher Reeve for a team up between cinema’s mightiest heroes, Catwoman bringing Batgirl along for the ride and even a modern day Tim Burton and Michael Keaton coming back for a live action Batman Beyond film.

SequelQuest has got our turbines to speed to revive Bat-Mania in a big way, so follow the bat-signal and join the fun!


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