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EP75 | A Sequel to Congo


EP75 | A Sequel to Congo | SequelQuest

Hot on the heels of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, in 1995 another Michael Crichton book was positioned for big screen success with Spielberg’s longtime producer, Frank Marshall in the director’s chair. Despite a very entertaining cast including Laura Linney, Ernie Hudson, Tim Curry and even a talking gorilla named Amy, swapping killer dinosaurs for killer apes did not make Congo a hit with audiences or critics.

This summer another sequel to Jurassic Park is coming to theaters, but what about the continuing adventures to be found in the African jungles of the Congo? Join Jeff, Jeramy and Adam as they revisit the wild characters and dangerous terrain with Congo sequel pitches that go way off the rails in the best way possible.
No one was prepared for tales of men marrying gorillas to form a super race or the introduction of African firefly vampires wreaking havoc and all with Nicolas Cage added to the mix. That’s right, we’re giving you a twofer as we add another film not only to the Congo cinematic universe, but the National Treasure franchise as well.
This also happens to be Jeff and Adam’s birthday episode, so join in the laughs and fun of Congo 2 that carries through until the not so bitter end. It’s the sequel you never knew you wanted, so listen now!

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