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EP83 | A Napoleon Dynamite Sequel


EP83 | A Napoleon Dynamite Sequel | SequelQuest

Napoleon Dynamite was a surprise comedy hit in 2004, introducing the world to a small town family of gosh-darn wacky characters. The director Jared Hess pulled upon his experiences growing up in rural Idaho in the 80s and extrapolated a hilarious cinematic experience. And though the writer-director has gone on to make other films, this little indie starring John Heder, Aaron Ruell, Efren Ramirez, John Gries, Diedrich Bader and Tina Majorino is surely his calling card.

The SequelQuest crew decided to accept the challenge from a listener and imagine a follow-up film that would bring audiences back to the surreal world of Preston, Idaho. So what mundane insanity could Adam, Jeff and Jeramy come up with for a Napoleon Dynamite 2? Get excited, because it’s totally SWEET!

Will it be a story of friendship torn asunder between Pedro and Napoleon? Could it be the tale of Kip and LaFawnda hitting the big time with an internet dating site? And how does an Idaho militant man get caught up in the madness?

Listen now to our ideas for a Napoleon Dynamite sequel, dang it!

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