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EP99 | Our Marvel Studios Wishlist


EP99 | Our Marvel Studios Wishlist | SequelQuest

With more than decade of bringing Marvel comics characters to the big screen, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made superstars out of some of the most obscure super heroes from the printed page. But for every Guardians of the Galaxy there are dozens of lesser known comic book characters waiting for their chance to show their stuff.

That’s why this week the SequelQuest crew is joined by returning guest and comic book fan, Michael Cannetti to pitch our concepts for introducing new characters into the MCU, but who will make the cut? Could it be the mysterious Egyptian vigilante, Moon Knight? Perhaps a decent Fantastic Four film? What about letting Bruce Banner’s cousin the She-Hulk smash the box office or the mighty Ms. Marvel?

We also take a stab a rebooting some existing Marvel movie mainstays to keep them relevant or redeem past failures. It’s all here in our Marvel Movie Wishlist episode, so get to listening. True Believers!

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