SequelQuest Special Announcement

As you know we recently hit our 100th episode after nearly 4 years of podcasting. Many of you have been listening for a large portion of our run and have actually become guests on the show, which has made it so much more fun to do. So thanks for being part of our SequelQuest experience so far.

We say so far because while the show isn’t going anywhere, there is a major change on the horizon pertaining to where you’ll be able to find the podcast and listen to new episodes.

The Retro Network or TRN is an exciting new online hub for pop culture past and present, masterminded my Jason Gross from and Mickey Yarber from who have pulled together creative types from all over the internet to produce YouTube videos, podcasts and unique articles covering a variety of topics. Just like our show there will be a touch of nostalgia for movies, TV, music, toys, comic books and more from many unique voices who have a passion for pop culture. You can find it all at when it launches on June 1st, 2019. So how does SequelQuest fit into this new venture you ask?

Our podcast archive of over 100 episodes is going to be moving over to The Retro Network Podbean feed which will then make it possible to find the show on all the same podcast platforms where you have been listening, such as iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Podbean and more. So be sure to subscribe to The Retro Network feed on your preferred platform and not only will you get new episodes of SequelQuest each month, plus our SequelChat movie reviews and bonus episodes, but lots more audio and video entertainment from other TRN contributors as well.

Also as a part of this move, our website will be disappearing with a snap of Thanos’ fingers, but our Twitter account @SQPOD will remain a place for you to get the latest updates about the show, as well as our Facebook page, for those who are so inclined. As far as a website presence, you’ll be able to find all you need to know about SequelQuest on or on Twitter @TRNsocial, so be sure to follow that account.

Stream it from the link below or find the show on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Podbean, SoundCloud and more.

NEW! Now on Spotify as well!

Listen Now:

Intro Music
Music: “Let’s Go Back” performed by Donovan Raitt
Music: “Instinct”
Exit Music
Music: “Let’s Go Back” performed by Donovan Raitt
Music: Marvel Fanfare
Music: “All Marvel Themes (SADDEST versions) Arranged by: Samuel Ramos
Technical Producer: Jeramy Hubbard
Editor(s): Adam Pope & Jeramy Hubbard
Social Media Producer: Adam Pope & Jeramy Hubbard
Twitter: @ SQPod
Instagram: @ SequelQuest
Facebook: Sequelquest
All rights to the individual Intellectual Properties discussed on SequelQuest are under the ownership of their respective current owners, no copyright infringement is intended.

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