What is SequelQuest?

A weekly podcast dedicated to exploring the unexplored possibilities hidden within our favorite film franchises.

Each episode the hosts conceive a plot for a sequel or prequel to a movie that they feel is worthy of additional installments, then discuss everything from the poster art, to the soundtrack, to the promotional tie-ins and marketing campaigns.

Are you professional filmmakers and writers?

First and foremost we are movie lovers. Though we have written and filmed our own private projects over the years, this show is more about having fun with what if scenarios regarding our favorite films.

Will you ever make the movie ideas you discuss?

Are you looking for a project to finance, Mr. Spielberg? Due to rights issues and the fact that we are a bunch of guys with zero clout in the Hollywood studio system, probably not. But we do welcome your fan art and other creative submissions.

Just send the files to sequelquestpod@mail.com and with your permission we will share your work on our website, Twitter and other accounts for all to see.

Why should I listen?

If you don’t you’ll be missing out on hours of free entertainment and controversial takes on your favorite movie icons. Maybe you’ll love our ideas or maybe you’ll hate ’em. But if you never listen, you’ll never know.

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