Meet The Crew

Get to know the hosts that bring you make believe movies on SequelQuest each episode.


Who, me? Oh I’m just your average, retro pop culture loving, movie obsessed, “Hey guys, let’s put on a show” kind of left-brainer. You can find my weekly ramblings about the 80’s and 90’s in articles penned under the name Hoju Koolander on

If you ask me what my favorite movie is I’ll usually blurt out Ghostbusters II, but the truth is I not-so-secretly love another film from 1989 just a little bit more. You guessed it, Troop Beverly Hills starring Shelley Long. Now that my secret confession is out of the way, can we be friends? Tweet at me @hojukoolander on Twitter.


A mailroom worker from San Diego, Jeff’s qualifications for movie review are obvious. Also, his wife does have a Masters degree in the subject! (so why isn’t she on this podcast?) An avid movie watcher and opinion holder for years, Jeff has many strong views on movies, especially prequels, sequels, and reboots, and he is usually right. Jeff ‘s favorite movies are generally things by Peter Weir, Frank Darabont, or John Carpenter, but who can resist a good Tom Cruise movie, am I right? Oh, and he’s still mad at J.J. Abrams for ruining the Star Trek franchise.


Noted astrophysicist and avid golden girls fanatic, Justin is an esteemed foodie whose favorite meals are meatloaf and cream of wheat.

He is excited to be part of a podcast so tat he can inform the public of the dangers of snake charming and the evils of the cotton gin.

Also, he’s old friends with Jeff and Adam.


Once upon a time I was a Pizza Delivery driver. There came a moment where I grew tired of the long nights, long miles, & coming home smelling of pizza (Yes, it is possible to grow tired of that smell LOL) or maybe it was that gun-point robbery that one time.

I fell into an internship for the summer with a radio station here in Phoenix, took over the Morning Show’s Producer position by the end of summer.  Not more than a day into actually functioning as the producer/web producer, my nickname was coined – “The Ginger Ninja”, which with time was shortened to “The Ginj-Ninj.”   As both producer and contributing character on the morning show, I’d attend media screenings of movies and give reviews on air to the listeners. Since then I’ve developed a growing Wedding DJ gig on Weekends & is an amateur photographer and now the audio-technical guru for SequelQuest!