Ep 1: Doc & Marty


Click here or the image above to listen to the episode now.

Title: Doc & Marty

Tag Line: This Time It’s Personal

Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Leah Thompson, Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson and introducing, Elijah Wood.

Plot: Immediately following the departure of the traveling train at the end of Back To The Future Part III, Doc Brown returns in the vehicle, minus Clara, Jules and Verne. Doc is visibly shaken and tells Marty he needs his help to correct a time anomaly he has just discovered.

Marty asks why he has to be involved and Doc tells him that the time anomaly is the result of a situation that changed the past so that Doc and Marty never meet. If this is not corrected, Marty never travels back to 1955 to fix his family’s situation, never prevents his son from going to jail in the future, Doc never falls in love with Clara and worst of all, the 2 will never meet to start their friendship.

The duo travel back to 1980 where 12 year old Marty is being hassled by schoolyard tormentor, Needles. The troublemaker dares Marty to pull a wild stunt by calling him Chicken in front of Jennifer, his schoolyard crush and Marty get busted. Marty’s punishment from his parents is that he can’t buy an electric guitar he so desperately wants and finds out he is failing his science class to boot.

In the original timeline, Doc & Marty formed an unlikely friendship over Marty’s crucial science fair project, while stopping Biff’s plan to swindle Doc Brown out of his home to set-up the Tans by Tannen Tanning Salon. By thwarting Biff’s plan they allowed Doc’s time experiments to continue, Marty to get his electric guitar and win Jennifer’s love.

Now since they never meet, their lives take a different path where Doc loses his home and Marty becomes a famous rock star. Doc eventually reveals that he was the one who created the time anomaly during a careless time experiment and is insistent that they set things right. This causes friction between the two, with Marty struggling with the promise of rock stardom versus undoing a friendship, while Doc feels guilty for creating the issue in the first place.

Marty goes back in time to stop the time-tampering Doc from causing the anomaly and sets things right, deciding that a real friendship is more important than his dreams of fame and fortune.

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